Q1 meeting at DAF Trucks

Tuesday the 3th of april was the first Q-Meeting of 2018 at the DAF Trucks plate and component factory in Eindhoven. We where welcomed by DAF and Trento colleague Gé Franssen. After a short introduction movie, we got a tour inside the factory. We saw the production process from plating to assembly. Different machines and hundreds of people working on different aspects to create one quality product. A fascinating process, of which we are proud to be a part of.
After the tour we got a presentation from Gé Franssen. He told us about the implementation project of a metal sheet pres. After a running period of nearly 50 years, the current machines need to be replaced. Gé is responsible for the implementation of these machines.

The final presentation was held by Math Winthagen. Here he talked about the current development in the company. The growth in the Belgium market, new colleagues, new software systems and the coming of a new Director. From the 1st of May, Jaap Piederiet will be the new director of Trento Engineering. Math will however not leave Trento Engineering. In his new rol Math will strive to secure future growth of the company in upcoming markets, such as Belgium and Germany.

We finished the meeting with some food and drinks. It was nice talking to all the colleagues hearing about their projects.
We would like to thank DAF Trucks and Gé Franssen for their hospitality!
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